• Umrah Hujung Tahun Standard 2023 - 12 Hari 10 Malam

    Harga Standard Bermula RM 8,290 Per Pax bilik Berempat (Musim Biasa)

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  • Umrah Hujung Tahun Safwah Breakfast 2023 - 12 Hari 10 Malam

    Pakej Safwah breakfast dekat dan selesa bermula RM 8990 (Musim Biasa)

  • Pakej Umrah Le Meridian 2023 - 12 hari 10 Malam

    Harga Serendah MYR 8990 Per Pax (Musim Biasa)


“Janganlah bersusah payah kecuali ke tiga masjid iaitu Masjid Al-Haram, Masjid Rasul SAW dan juga Masjid Al- Aqsa (Palestin)”

Hadis Sahih Bukhari


Umrah / Haji

Umrah Ziarah

Bilangan Hari

12 Hari 10 Malam – Standard


Hotel Berkualiti & Selesa

Harga Pakej

Serendah MYR 8,290 – Ekonomi Musim Biasa


Review Jemaah

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Fathiha MokhterFathiha Mokhter
17:31 27 Nov 23
Amani Travel services exceeded my expectations. With affordable package prices and excellent... Mutawif, they really made us feel welcome and sincerely guided us to perform our umrah with ease. All jemaah were really taken care of dari sekecil perkara hingga yg tak dijangka. Everything were well managed. Rezeki kami Allah aturkan melalui Amani Travel, our hotel rooms at Madinah and Mekah both got views of Haram. Alhamdulillah. Jazakumullahu khayr Amani Travel. May Allah reward your company with abundance of rizq in every ways. more
Nadirah HazlanNadirah Hazlan
01:08 08 Nov 23
Alhamdullilah, all went well. Great service given & highly recommended 100% for Umrah/Haji trip.... In-sha-Allah, you'll be at ease when traveling with Amani Travel frombeginning till end of the more
Dr. Ruzina JusohDr. Ruzina Jusoh
23:55 07 Nov 23
1. Well-coordinated network of supports (local, international and on the ground)2. Good... troubleshooter along the journey of performing umrah3. Tentative of program was well-planned with a gap to restIn conclusion, the journey of performing umrah with Amani Travel Sdn. Bhd was the best experience and highly recommended.Thank you and have a pleasant more
Nabilah HazlanNabilah Hazlan
14:47 07 Nov 23
Highly recommended!! Great service 💯The staff at Amani Travel was very efficient... throughout. There's detail briefing before and during the Umrah trip.The team was also attentive to those that require a medical attention and wheelchair service.Our mutawwif [ Ustaz Naufal ] was very accommodative and dedicated.Overall we are having a meaningful Umrah more
fadhlina salimfadhlina salim
06:06 07 Nov 23
Overral, tip top service from enquiry, booking, visa application processes (sales rep named... Aishah), online briefing and throughout umrah & ziarah until safely returned @ KLIA (led by mutawwif Ust. Naufal supported by ground staffs @Saudi & Malaysia).Accommodation: 4.7 stars (out of 5).Hotels in Madinah/Mecca are 120m/50m & walking distance (approx 10min) to Masjid Nabawi/Masjidilharam, respectively. Amani to consider (a) the distance between hotel and ladies' entraces @ Masjid Nabawi (b) food selection @Madinah hotel (perhaps to consider malaysian food or arab food every other day).Umrah journey & ziarah: 5 starsExcellent service by Mutawwif Ust Naufal. Knowledgable, dedicated, helfpul and kind. Even my mum (who went umrah multiple times with other travel agencies) impressed with his service & knowledge, went extra mile explaining the ibadah by detailed but turned it simple for everybody (good for first timer), addressed all queries & misunderstanding relating to the ibadah and updated jemaah with latest resolutions by tabung haji, historical locations, conducted interesting morning and everning strolls around masjid nabawi & masjidil haram, shopping tips, good cafe, viral & instagramable more
Hafizuddin AhmadHafizuddin Ahmad
02:09 20 Oct 23
Best services, we love the mutaawif, knowledgeable, helpful and kind alhamdulilah.
Nurain RidzwanNurain Ridzwan
02:33 18 Aug 23
I highly recommend Amani Travel to everyone looking for an honest travel agent. They looked after... us well with their dedicated and efficient team, from beginning until the end of our trip. Hajj 2023 with them was the best decision, no doubt. Alhamdulillah. Jazakallah more
azman aliasazman alias
00:03 25 May 23
Haven't experienced yet.. but the staff sim to look friendly. Wll update in near future.. InsyaAllah
Faez AzizFaez Aziz
08:55 18 May 23
Assalamualaikum. I strongly & sincerely recommend those who plan to go for Umrah & Haj to engage... Amani Travel Agency. Me & my family just got back from a 10 days Umrah 3-12 May 2023.Throughout the whole journey, we were entirely happy & grateful Alhamdulillah, we have chosen the right agent. As we are aware nowadays it is quite a challenge to get the right agent. I myself did a lot of research & due diligence B4 i came across Amani Travel, which office is in Nilai.The staff are reliable, I mostly dealt with Mr. Shahmi, Mr. Aiman & few more female staffs where all of them are very resourceful & helpful.The owner Tn.Hj Wan Muhammad Mior was so informative and we are impressed with his presentation on umrah rituals which was super clear.The Mutawif Tn Hj Azrin with us on the trip from KLIA all along in Madinah & Mekah till we get back to KLIA. We feel so secured and safe with his presence. I was so amazed by his treatment towards all of us in the group. He is so helpful & resourceful person.There is so much more to share but let me conclude by saying, if we were to perform the next Umrah or Haj, we will definitely choose Amani Travel again. I hope you too..& I wish everyone reading this a very pleasant journey. May Allah accept our ibadah & prayers. 🫰read more
roslan iroslan i
18:19 15 Jan 23
Our Kembara Umrah Taman Senimas, Kuala Pilah had just completed with Amani Travel Sdn Bhd. The... program was well planned and executed. Although there were some minor hiccups, it was immediately solved. Our special thanks goes to Ustaz Sufi and Ustaz Farid. Their dedication and knowledge on the history of Medina and Mecca given to us was unsurpassed. Overall I rate their service as par excellence. Thank you Amani more
Fauzana KasimFauzana Kasim
00:49 22 Dec 22
Alhamdulillah completed our umrah recently with Amani Travel. Seamless journey and meaningful... experience. Led by a dedicated and experienced mutawwif. Amani staff were swift to relay any messages to us, making the journey smooth. Thank you 👍🏼read more
Johny TapiaJohny Tapia
16:40 07 Dec 22
Amani Travel Best and fast service specially Miss Shamshad very helpful, friendly and quick... response to any inquiry on visas. Keep up the best work.Highly more
sal Mohd Saadsal Mohd Saad
15:10 05 Dec 22
Very good arrangement at all time, very informative and the lowest price. Hotel nearby the mosque,... both at Madina and Mecca. The mutawwif is very knowledgeable. This is my 6th visit for umrah and this is the best travel agent so more
suzanne mhsuzanne mh
04:20 15 Oct 22
A great service. Highly recommended for doing Umrah /Haj with AMANI TRAVEL SDN BHD. During my Umrah... Ramadan for few times, and lead by Ustaz Wan, its easily for us to understand how Ustaz Wan guided us. Especially for those who are first timer. Their services are fist class service. 🤲🏻 🤲🏻 Awesome. Can't describe with words. Masyallah Tabarakallah Allahuakhbar Alhamdulillah Syukuran Ya Allah. Still missing Mecca 🕋 and Medina (Rasulluallah s.a.w Mosque 🕌) 😭😭😭😭😭 Allahuakhbar Allahuakhbar Allahuakhbar 🤲🏻 🤲🏻 🤲🏻 ☝🏻🕋🕌♥️♥️♥️🌠✨🌍✈️✈️✈️🌠🌙⭐🌟✨ Jazakumullah khairan katsira 🙏 ☺️😊😃🧕🧕🧕👳‍♀️👳‍♂️👳🤍💙💚❤️✨🌠read more
adlina yusofadlina yusof
15:07 20 Sep 22
Best travel agency for umrah!!! Staff Very efficient and helpful 😍 ingat umrah ingat amani... ☺️read more
iqbal mustafaiqbal mustafa
08:15 06 Mar 22
Very good service and so much knowledge about mecca,medina history and prayer have been share by... mutawwif. Mutawwif is very responsible for each jemaahread more
Nazli Awang HadNazli Awang Had
02:55 23 Jan 20
Had the good fortune of having the services of Amani Travel Sdn Bhd for an Umrah trip in 2019. The... itinerary was well planned but still maintaining a level of flexibility to cater for last minute changes according to actual situation at location. The briefing and explanations provided for each location visited were very well conveyed by Ustaz Wan Muhammad who was our guide. Should I be presented with the opportunity to perform an Umrah trip again I would definitely choose Amani Travel Sdn more
The pre-trip arrangement with Amani Travel was seamless. My husband and I opted to arrange for our... own flight and they were very accommodating with our request - they even arranged for an ustaz to assist with our check in at Madinah and separate transportation to our international terminal in Jeddah Airport at no extra charge. Small group for umrah (our group was 22 pax) ensured little to no waiting time when we moved as a group. Our mutawwif, Ustaz Fikri was experienced and provided in depth historical and religious anecdotes throughout the trip. He went out of his way to ensure we were able to perform our ibadat with the least inconvenience. Alhamdulillah, the whole experience was very smooth and I am going for another umrah with Amani Travel within 4 months from the first umrah. That's how good they were!read more
Norzanah JohariNorzanah Johari
12:42 22 Jan 20
A trustworthy and responsible Umrah and Hajj travel agent, with an excellent and superb mutawifs... and awesome services. I have never regretted engaging with Amani Travel and this is my second time performing my and family's umrah with Amani Travel. Many more years to come, more

Pakej Termasuk

Tiket penerbangan pergi dan balik ekonomi.

10 Malam Pakej Hotel.

Bilik Berempat – Berlima.

Set Beg & Buku Panduan Umrah Percuma (tertakluk jenis pakej)

Pengangkutan Selesa & Berhawa dingin.

Makanan -Tertakluk Pakej.

Takaful Berkolempok.

5 litre.

Umrah 2 Kali (tertakluk kebenaran semasa).

Pakej TIDAK Termasuk

Takaful Peribadi

Bagasi lebihan had.

Perbelanjaan peribadi.

Perincian Harga


arga adalah berdasarkan Visa Tourist / Ziarah ( Surcaj Visa akan dikenakan jika ingin guna Visa Umrah)

Harga Bermula
B4 : RM8,990
(Musim Biasa)


Harga bermula
B4 : RM8,990
(Musim Biasa)


Harga bermula
B4 : RM8,290
(Musim Biasa)

(120m dari dataran)(150m dari dataran)
(Hotel 3 Bintang)
(Sarapan Sahaja)
(Asian Cuisine Far East)

(Asian Cuisine Far East)
(>12 tahun)
(8-11 tahun)
Kanak-kanak tanpa katil (2-7 tahun)Bayi
(> 2 tahun)
Mengikut Jenis PakejRM250 Off Harga PakejRM 750 Off Harga PakejFlight & Visa Only : RM 2500





Telefon : 06 790 7752

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